Market research, tools, and custom reports on the material impact of Chinese buyers on global property markets and local economies.

Chinese property consumers are distinctly global Enquiring from around the world for international property

Country Percentage of enquiry for New–York
China 61.4
United States 30.7
Australia 2.4
Taiwan 1.6
New Zealand 0.8
India 0.8
Canada 0.8
Hong Kong 0.8
Philippines 0.8
Country Percentage of enquiry for London
China 71.6
United Kingdom 8.1
United States 6.1
Hong Kong 4.7
Japan 4.1
Australia 1.4
Malta 0.7
Taiwan 0.7
Germany 0.7
Canada 0.7
Qatar 0.7
France 0.7
Country Percentage of enquiry for Sydney
China 83.4
Australia 6.3
Hong Kong 4.2
United States 2.3
Philippines 1.1
Fiji 0.6
United Kingdom 0.4
New Zealand 0.4
Taiwan 0.4
Canada 0.4
Singapore 0.4
Vietnam 0.4
Croatia 0.4
Hungary 0.4
Rest of the world

The material impact of Chinese buyers on global markets 居外用户海外投资足迹及其经济影响力

Chinese property consumers continue to have an increasingly powerful impact upon global markets and local economies. Juwai IQ draws upon an average monthly audience of 2.6m consumers from around the world, along with over 30,000 unique consumer interviews, providing Juwai IQ with the largest sample size, and insights into this dominant market force/segment.

Using April 2015 data alone, the maps below track Chinese consumer activity from point of origin to point of destination, including intended investment. International investment dominates the segment, however there is a strong and emerging domestic (within country) segment which is making its presence felt.

Where Chinese are searching from

Search Origin

This map displays the locations from where Chinese consumers are viewing properties on Juwai.com – revealing valuable indication of the global reach of Chinese consumers. Each red dot represents up to 1,920 unique Chinese consumers viewing from that location – illustrating a truly global Chinese property buyer audience.

Where Chinese are searching for & enquiry value
Material Impact: US$ 8000000

Search Destination

This map shows the locations of the properties Chinese consumers are viewing on Juwai.com – providing insight into where they’re looking to invest. Each red dot represents up to 30 unique online viewings of Property Details Pages on Juwai.com for properties in that location.

Material Impact

The material impact value is based on listing price for properties Chinese consumers enquired about – through 1:1 conversations with our Chinese Consumer Support Centre or activity to contact advertisers on Juwai.com.

Data reflecting April 2015 online search & viewing history

This is the first in a series of Juwai data products and services being launched to provide key insights and intelligence for corporations, banks, governments, and academics.

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Juwai IQ data is based on the online activity of more than 2.6 million monthly Chinese consumer visitors – from 403 cities in China and 165 countries around the world – searching and enquiring about properties on Juwai.com.

This is the first and most comprehensive set of data on the global Chinese property buying audience to ever be tracked, providing unparalleled insight into the preferences and purchasing intent of Chinese property buyers around the world.

Juwai IQ data has been featured and cited by major press and financial organisations, including Credit Suisse, CNN, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and CNBC.

*Juwai IQ data is currently reserved for media, government organisations, and other third party advertisers.

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